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  1. I’ve honestly pray to find a man packing that, as a straight man with curious tendency I my ass isn’t conditioned to take even a average cock for too long and it’s mainly the length that gets me. My first adult experience was with a short thin cock. I knew him for 2 years as gay and I never told him about my young experience. One day were drinking alone and I was mildly buzzed I thought deep about my open oppertunity …in a split second my body got really hot and I felt light headed…my cock was stone I pulled it from my jeans and slowly stroked. He fucked me dog style on his bed my face in the the pillow while I balanced to Jack off. His cock was perfect for me it hurt a little but felt awesome at the same time..i came first and HARD on his sheets. he asked where I wanted his load, on my back? chest? Face? DUH you better buck that shit inside me! I earned it dammit. I remember cleaning up at his sink after. suddenly his load slipped out and ran down the inside of my thigh…that was fucking hot, proof he got off for and with me. I was 22 at that time now 39 now I suck deep dick and swallow. Looking for a dick just like yours

    1. PS, I gave u a 10 for proportion girth and overall attractiveness and lastly for making me horny enough to need to beat my dick. I’d love to exchange pics/videos with you, Joshua blu Olson .find me on

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