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  1. I am Daz from UK,
    I been married for 17 years to my gorgues hot wife.
    She recently had a date with another guy which led to some passionate sex at a hotel. She really enjoyed it and wants to carry on. We used to have sex about once a month, they had sex about 12 to 13 times alone that night. I have never seen her glow so much or so wet and horny each day. So I am sure its only for the good.
    She has had a serious talk with me and said she loves me and never wants to break up etc. But she said its only sex with him and that I must be okay with that as she is completely open and honest.
    I love her, so I think its best I be her cuck and let her have the sex she deserves.
    My 4 inch cut dick which is not thick, more like a pencil ie very thin. Does not really satisfy her needs!!.
    Her lover is a guy with really Huge big thick white uncut cock and is also a heavy cummer.
    I think I have answered my own question.
    But I would still like your views !

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