9 thoughts to “Distracted by Bisexual…”

  1. Everything about your body I LOVE!!! That’s an awesome shot. I’d love to unbutton your pants, pull that zipper down and let that dick fall straight down my tongue. I’m working on slimming down a bit before I post pics like that. Then I’ll gladly show you everything… got a little lazy after college, with keeping my shape up. Now that I own my own store, I’ll be working on my bod again.

    1. Hey! Just so you know, I think I would find your body incredibly hot as it is right now. But I completely understand what your saying. Been there are felt that way myself. You show what you like. I can imagine the rest…!

      1. We have so much in common, it is unbelievable. You do the same type stuff that I do, every time I see your dick, it just makes me wanna play with myself and pretend it’s you. Can’t wait for more pics and comments. Your comments make me pretty horny. I’m just saying

        1. I saw your pics earlier, but haven’t been free from work to comment on them. I did make sure I sneakily gave them all 10’s though. Couldn’t leave them without that at least!!!
          I didn’t have to touch myself when I saw them. I was rock hard already! Now going back for another look… and comments…

          1. Getting hard on your images is no problem for me either. Had family over the past couple days. Had to control myself. Plus the website was mucking up. I’ll be watchin for new images Will. Until then I’ll think of your beautiful penis slowly entering my ass as precum drips all over me

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