2 thoughts to “Free Ride”

  1. Great photo, Shyboy! You got a ’10’ and a Fave from me, Buddy!

    Your erection is beautiful, shapely…beautiful color and ballsack, and the scrunch of 4skin around the head is sexy as hell, My Friend.
    Would love to see one flaccid pic showing off your hood of skin. Here’s my own embarrassingly puny foreskin pic: https://ratemydick.net/soooo-cute-when-its-little-ha-ha/
    Would also love to see your bush, but that’s not your thing, so that’s cool with me.

    Love your cock, Guy!

    Compliments and admiration from Gaetano

    1. Loving your comments thank you I like showing off my cock to anyone who wants to look waiting to see your erection πŸ‘I’ve pinned more with you in mind see if you can recognise me😱

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