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  1. I’d love to fuck a pussy that you’ve just pumped full of your cum. Could I ask you to put my double-cum-slopped cock in your mouth afterwards for a taste, between buddies?

      1. I want to make love to that, knowing that it’s full of your thick heavy spermloads all over my 9” erection. And I want YOU to make love to it, knowing that MY erect penis was in there leaving sperm behind for you to feel on your penis.

  2. I’d love to watch your penis in my wife’s pussy stretching it so much, I think she would squirt all over your cock too due to the shear size of your package

    1. I want to hear her telling you how my cock feels inside her while you’re there in bed next to us. If her talk about my cock turns you on, you could try to unload in my mouth in time with me unloading in her pussy.

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