6 thoughts to “Hard U C for U and Me”

    1. Me too. I have all your photos saved so I can quickly look at them. I crave looking for your dick pics and miss out on most of the others, cuz your dick would make me happy

      1. OMG!!! It sounds like you are saying my thoughts! I do exactly the same things. Let’s keep posting and keep each other happy! Seeing your dick and comments is often the best parts of my day. Hope that doesn’t make me sound really tragic lol!

        1. Life hasn’t been very fun the last year or so. So I totally understand you. I’ll try and post something daily. Some days are. Some days are busier than others for me. I’ll try though

          1. Same here. Some days busier than others. Let’s not feel obliged to post daily. Just when we’ve got stuff worth sharing. I can wait and have plenty of your pics to look at when the mood takes me lol!!!

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