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    1. I will get on my knees. Hands tied behind my back. Open-mouthed and slowly go down on that beautiful shaft. Flicking my tongue along the way. Waiting for you to grab the back of my head and forcing your cock down my throat, as I start to gag you start to fuck my throat deeper and faster. The more I choke, the harder you fuck. Until you let go of your cum and
      With both hands on the back of my head, pressing your groin against my face so I have no choice but to swallow your load. And in an effort to breathe, your cum begins to come out of my nose. Now finished with me, you pull out and I fall to the ground. You see that I have a hard on. So just for the hell of it. You kick me repeatedly in the nuts. Then stand over me and piss on me. Then you walk away.

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