4 thoughts to “Little dick”

  1. Here Goes, Bro:
    3:45pm and I’ve already got 250ml of Camarena Tequila in me…such is my reaction to Social Distancing, and details I won’t bore you with.
    But I feel the need to tell you that your lusciously plump, attractively caramel-colored, erotically Pliny-foreskinned, densely-bushed Penis is so poetically, arousingly beautiful to me, that when nobody’s looking or listening, I might be caught secretly writing songs about, ha ha.
    Later and Stone Sober, I’ll regret that I wrote this. Not because it’s false, but because it’s true. That special brand of Truth that comes out drunk, and embarrasses us sober…embarrassing because we really meant it, but never would have said it without the 250ml of Camarena.
    Great brand, btw…give it a try!
    Compliments from a tipsy L&C

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