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  1. hello
    my husband’s hang is in the picture
    we are a respectful, playful couple, a bit conservative about meeting, but that is how we’ve kept a great relationship of more than 30 years
    we are in our 60s and retired so have time for traveling, that could include meeting, and to enjoy meeting at home … well at least when these dangerous pandemic conditions change
    a great meeting is a walk and talk, lunch, making out and beating off a couple times, hanging out and beating and sucking off on a hiking trail is great, or swapping partners in a tent or front porch at a private cabin. etc.
    we live in virginia. we’ve travelled around most of the us. and plan to travel more in retired years. making new good friends and hot friends is part of the plan. we wish you well too!
    he is tall, hairy, and hung – 6’5, 195, hairy, and big hanging as you can see (big soft, and bigger hard, i’ve measured it to 8 when raging hard) with a huge flared head – pleasant and more shy
    i am short, athletic in shape, good looking (i’m told), and average cock, 5’7, 165, 43ch, 33w, hairy chest, heavy bush, 6 erect, experienced with 3s, 4s, more, role play, etc
    say hi, ask questions. take care, be safe, wash your hands! (a lot!) and masks can be fun so keep one handy.

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