15 thoughts to “No hands for Steve 2”

  1. It’s a sexy image. He’s right. You got the whole package. Awesome dick, now nice balls, perfect trimming and awesome body to go with it all. I’m dripping.

  2. Let me expound on previous comments:
    It has a subtle but highly-erotic gleam of aromatic sweat coating, especially, the glans and ballsack.
    The arch of the penis catches it in the act of rising with erotic fever in the throes on an oncoming erection.
    That already magnificent penis is pointing almost directly at…my…face. Which just so happens to be exactly where I want it.
    And yet, it’s aiming slightly to one side, so as not to obstruct my view of those sweaty, bulbous, Kum-Kettles.
    Reason enough to select as a favorite photo?

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