5 thoughts to “Shaved balls for you”

  1. I want to lick those smooth balls. Can see a glimpse of a cute ass too. Your dick is magnificent in this shot. I would definitely bend over for it!!!

  2. It’s been a while since I had a dick
    In my ass. I can feel you pumping into me and my balls jiggling around while my dicks flapping back and forth

    1. I’ve just imagined burying myself deep into your ass from behind. As deep as I can go. Then rolling you over onto your back, legs on my shoulders and pumping deep again whilst looking at your huge cock, wet with pre cum.
      I need some fresh air now lol!

  3. Here’s a little Easter egg comment for you.
    Out of all of your images, I have returned to this one the most. When masturbating, I leave this one til I’m getting close. I like to look at it imagining you pounding me from behind to the point where you cum inside me, which always makes me cum. I have cum over this pic at least 5 times now!!!

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