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    1. I’d be extatic if I hooked up with a guy and pulled that from his pants… I’m straight but fool with men when the mood hits so my hole is preteen tight but more importantly length is what kills me and don’t bottom long dicks cuz it fucking hurts bad. With your cocks perpotenal perfectness it’s thick, attractive, sexy and smooth free from gross thin shaft mushroom head syndrome as I call it. I would eagerly throat your cock till u came.
      As for your balls, well okay, balls are fucking huge…thats fucking hot. I’d love to feel and hear them slap my ass in time with your thrusts…bottem line is if u said no diseases and trusted me I’d insist you fuck me skin on skin and cum deep…. Well I hope this helps. as for me my cock hard as rock and I’m spying a bottle of lotion

      1. PS. I gave you a hard 10 for your hot package and added u to my favorites….and for making me cum😌
        If your into men I’d honestly love to see more of it
        Joshua Blu Olson
        Face book

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