I'm a hairy white gay guy, tall (6 ft 2") with blue eyes. Always horny and looking for sex - one to one or threesomes or groups. I have a seriously tiny penis - about 1.5 inches. I'm a total bottom (obviously!) and I love to get fucked, dildoed, rimmed and pissed on. I love fetish gear and love being filmed. I love big dicks but I have a big fetish for tiny dicks as well - the smaller you are, the more I get turned on. I love guys of all ages and races - hairy or smooth is good. I love very hairy Asian guys, and smooth oriental guys. I have loads of fun with other total bottoms as well as tops. I have a very hairy ass, hairy thighs and pits. I cum loads, and I love drinking cum. I love being photographed or filmed in fetish gear or naked with a hood. I'm into chems - T especially. And I love small penis humiliation - it really turns me on if you laugh at how tiny my dick is. My profile pic, by the way, is me posing naked on the fuck tree on Hampstead Heath for all the guys to take pics of my tiny dick...!

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